Hi I’m Phil, I live in Caloundra and here’s my story. I’ve got a problem. It’s a big problem and I’ll get to that very shortly. But firstly here’s the backstory. I’ve got a Pool Table. It’s an 8-foot Grand Duke. I love it. I bought it to celebrate my 50th birthday. But this is […]


POOL TABLES TO COMPLIMENT YOUR HOME DESIGN Nothing quite defines a home like a well-crafted Pool Table. A Pool Table makes a home feel welcoming, fun and most of all relaxing. The decision to bring a pool table into your home is an exciting time from what size and type of table to designing the […]


You’d think my teenage boys Zac and Cooper and the baby of the family Eloise would have spent every lasting minute on the beach during our Christmas holiday at a Gold Coast Resort. But then again it was hot, bloody hot! So our time getting wet was in-between the Surf and the Resorts Pool. The […]

The weekend surprise around the Pool Table

THE POOL TABLE CHRONICLES It’s the regular Monday morning question at work. “How was your weekend?”. For High School teacher Alex from Brisbane his response this Monday morning was a bit more animated than usual. In between taking sips of his morning cup of steaming coffee in the staff room, he replied with “Absolutely fantastic!”. […]

Learn to shoot straight with the 360 PureCue Stroke Trainer


The 360 PureCue Stroke Trainer is the most effective precision-made stroke training device ever produced. The 360 PureCue Stroke Trainer assists in diagnosing the individual flaws in every player’s cue action. The self-centering spring mechanism acts like any normal cue when the player executes a shot with proper technique. But it will bend and cause […]

Size matters when it comes to Cues

Pool Cues

Are you aware that there are different size cues for the different size Billiard Table games? If you weren’t aware you are definitely not alone as it’s a common unknown fact. The differences in cue sizes and particularly cue-tips relate to the size of the cue-balls used for the particular games and tables. The Billiard […]

Feast your eyes on the Santa Fe

Dining Pool Table

Dining Pool Table The Santa Fe Dining Pool Table is an impressive contemporary design that is considered one of the most ingenious and multifaceted Dining Pool Tables in the Billiard Shop Designer range. First and fore-most the playability of the Santa Fe Dining Pool Table is exceptional with the two-piece 19mm thick slate and worsted […]

Functional Funky Vivacious Versatile Pool Table

The Krenice Dining Pool Table Functional Versatility are certainly two words that are only recent additions to the vernacular in describing Pool Tables. And they specifically apply to the Krenice which is a stunning Dining Table and Pool Table in one. In many respects buying a Krenice Dining Pool Table is a no brainer if […]

Pool Cues – The stunning Diamond range

Pool Cues – Diamond Range Whether you’re on the tools, swinging a cricket bat or playing a musical instrument, there’s nothing like the feel of something that feel strong and reliable. It’s the same feeling when you pick up a powerful timber pool cue. A quality timber pool cue simple feels right and one such […]

Whether the weather affects playability

Pool Table playability

Summer during the early weeks on 2017 has been stinking hot right across Queensland with temperatures nearing 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit). So it’s timely to delve into whether the weather affects the playability of pool tables. The factors that affect the playability of a game of Pool are naturally the balls, the cloth, the […]