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How important is work life balance?

And so it begins! 2018. The start of a new year is always a habitual time for reflection with the common theme – the want of a better life on both the working and personal front. The ‘want of better’ is typically motivated through a New Year’s resolution for improved health. We all know it’s […]

Here’s to 2018 and beyond

Life is a funny thing isn’t it. It is truly an incredibly, wonderful and magical thing but it can also be very testing. Sometimes it goes fast and other times slow. One thing certain, no matter where we were born or the life we create around us, we all have been gifted the ability to […]


POOL TABLES TO COMPLIMENT YOUR HOME DESIGN Nothing quite defines a home like a well-crafted Pool Table. A Pool Table makes a home feel welcoming, fun and most of all relaxing. The decision to bring a pool table into your home is an exciting time from what size and type of table to designing the […]


You’d think my teenage boys Zac and Cooper and the baby of the family Eloise would have spent every lasting minute on the beach during our Christmas holiday at a Gold Coast Resort. But then again it was hot, bloody hot! So our time getting wet was in-between the Surf and the Resorts Pool. The […]

The weekend surprise around the Pool Table

THE POOL TABLE CHRONICLES It’s the regular Monday morning question at work. “How was your weekend?”. For High School teacher Alex from Brisbane his response this Monday morning was a bit more animated than usual. In between taking sips of his morning cup of steaming coffee in the staff room, he replied with “Absolutely fantastic!”. […]

Learn to shoot straight with the 360 PureCue Stroke Trainer


The 360 PureCue Stroke Trainer is the most effective precision-made stroke training device ever produced. The 360 PureCue Stroke Trainer assists in diagnosing the individual flaws in every player’s cue action. The self-centering spring mechanism acts like any normal cue when the player executes a shot with proper technique. But it will bend and cause […]

Size matters when it comes to Cues

Pool Cues

Are you aware that there are different size cues for the different size Billiard Table games? If you weren’t aware you are definitely not alone as it’s a common unknown fact. The differences in cue sizes and particularly cue-tips relate to the size of the cue-balls used for the particular games and tables. The Billiard […]


pool table repairs

It’s an all too common sight at Billiard Shop Pool Table repairs. We get a call to fix up a recently purchased 2nd hand pool table and on removing the cloth we discover the slate is cracked. For the owner it’s a heart breaking feeling that we really don’t like to see as bringing a pool […]

Farebrother wins Australian Open Snooker Championship 2016

Roger Farebrother has taken out the 2016 Bob Hawke AC Australian Open Snooker Championships held at Mounties at Mount Pritchard over the weekend. Roger Farebrother 75 62 76 81 61 60 Steve Mifsud 42 26 19 41 25 44 Farebrother defeated an in form Steve Mifsud 6-0 in the final. Mifsud went in as favourite having […]

BOSTON DESIGNER POOL TABLE – incredible design and playability

The Boston designer pool table is a majestic feature to take in from the cabinet to the legs and rails to the support beams, all made from high-grade 100% maple wood. The combination of the black 30% high gloss finish and the recessed maple sub rails makes the Boston designer pool table absolutely striking every […]